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The Book of Mormon Challenge is a combination of a couple ideas. First, some of you might have been in church where they challenge someone in the quorum or auxiliary to hand out a copy of the Book of Mormon that week then report on it next week. Some of you might also remember the IceBucket challenge where people online would dump a bucket of ice cold water on their heads and then  publicly challenge someone else to do the same. We are going to combine these sorts of ideas into our Book of Mormon Challenge. The first person to hand out a copy of the Book of Mormon is our host, Nick Galieti. He will then challenge someone else do the same thing, then they will report back on it next episode. We will see how far around the world this challenge can reach. This is all part of helping to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon.

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Below is a list of the people who have accepted the challenge and where they are from. Who knows, your name might end up on this list some day 🙂


Nick Galieti - Book of Mormon Challenge - Arabic

Nick Galieti – Book of Mormon Challenge #1 (in Arabic)


 Book of Mormon Challenge #2