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LDS MissionCast is a weekly podcast designed to be a centralized source for inspiration, education, entertainment, and encouragement in the missionary effort. The LDS MissionCast Podcast is for those preparing to serve a mission, those who have come home, or anyone who is a member-missionary.


Hosted by Nick Galieti and Kelsey Edwards, LDS MissionCast is a fun and entertaining, but also substantive show featuring guests that include therapists, teaching specialists, scholars, or others who can contribute as best serves the topic (including the occasional celebrity or influencer). Each week we will have a special segment called the Book of Mormon Challenge where we will encourage the sharing of the Book of Mormon with friends, family, or even complete strangers.


LDS MissionCast hopes to provide philanthropic opportunities that receive some focus through our podcast content, as well as our online community and content. Visit our Missionary Marketplace that features products offered by prospective missionaries looking to earn money to pay for their mission as well as some unique mission-friendly products you won’t find anywhere else.

Our social media and blog will feature a variety of information that will include more practical articles such as good missionary meals on a budget, deals on missionary-related products, or updates from the Church Missionary Department on missionary policy, etc. So stay tuned to our podcast and blog by subscribing and share it with your friends.

Find the LDS MissionCast on iTunes, Google Play Store, and Stitcher.


*The LDS MissionCast is not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The hosts and/or guests do not speak for the church, or any of the Church’s affiliate organization, nor do they speak for anyone other than themselves. LDS MissionCast is not responsible for the opinions and statements of others.